Laguna Pressure Flo Parts List 2015 on

laguna pressure flo 2015on


Laguna Pressure Flo 2015 onwards Parts Diagram - find the letter of the part you need from the diagram above and select the part number from corresponding letter from the full list below. Click on the part number to go to product page:

Part # PT1715
Service Kit + UVC Bulb M + B PT1610 PT1611 PT1612 PT1613
UVC Head A PT1376 PT1377 PT1378 PT1379
UVC Lamp B PT1601 PT1601 PT1602 PT1603
Quartz Sleeve
2 O Rings + Damper
C D Y PT1605 PT1605 PT1606 PT1607
Quartz Sleeve O Rings D PT1707 PT1707 PT1708 PT1708
Quartz Sleeve Flange E PT1711 PT1711 PT1712 PT1712
UVC Head O Ring F PT1530 PT1530 PT1530 PT1530
Filter Lid G PT1483 PT1483 PT1484 PT1484
Universal Click Fit H PT640 PT640 PT640 PT640
Sealing Cap I PT1543 PT1543 PT1543 PT1543
Head Screws x 6 J K PT1529 PT1529 PT1529 PT1529
Cleaning Blades L PT1513 PT1513 PT1514 PT1514
Foam Set M PT1735 PT1736 PT1737 PT1738
Foams x2 M PT1837 PT1837 PT1838 PT1838
Lid Clamp O PT1489 PT1489 PT1490 PT1490
Lid Sealing O Ring P PT1535 PT1535 PT1536 PT1536
Filter Case Q PT1485 PT1486 PT1487 PT1488
Cleaning Handle Knob S PT1495 PT1495 PT1495 PT1495
Cleaning Indicator U PT1531 PT1532 PT1533 PT1534
Rubber O Rings aa PT743 PT743 PT743 PT743
Cleaning Handle Knob ab PT1495 PT1495 PT1495 PT1495
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Note: If a part number is not clickable then it is no longer available.
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