biOrb Feng Shui Pebble Pack White

biOrb Feng Shui Pebble Pack White



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Add colour to the base of your biOrb or cover the ceramic media with biOrb Pebble Packs. These large solid marble pebbles can be used to decorate or cover the ceramic media without obstructing the flow of water into the filter. Available in four colours selected for their Feng Shui properties:
  • Red: for power, glory and happiness
  • White: for spiritual and moral purity
  • Green: promotes hope, longevity and vitality
  • Black: to banish negative energy.

Once in water the colour of the pebbles deepens and shines. They are made from marble which is a solid stone and won’t cloud the water. Rinse before using to removed dust created in transit. Suitable for all aquariums.

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