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The fantastic new Easy Decor sets from the designers at biOrb allow you to create a stunning underwater world all from one kit.

Ideal for new tank set ups or a complete decor change, each biOrb decor set contains a mix of coordinating plants, ornaments and decorations to create an eye catching and colourful display. The kits can also be used in other aquariums and tanks.

Vibrant designs and colours, paired with quality materials, make these biOrb decor sets unique. You will have a professionally designed aquarium in no time at all.

Included ornament designed by biOrb designer Samuel Baker, who consistently creates new and inspiring miniature wonders that virtually look like the originals from the sea. Sam Baker designs each of his ornaments by hand. BiOrb, in turn always uses direct impressions of his designs to ensure that all details will be appreciated.

BiOrb Easy Decor Set Red Forest 15L includes

1 x BiOrb Samuel Baker Flowers on Wood Sculpture

2 x BiOrb Crimson Sea Fan Small

1 x BiOrb Sea Lily Crimson

1 x BiOrb Coloured Ball Red

1 x BiOrb Star Fish White

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