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The Catit Fresh & Clear stainless steel fountain is the latest addition to the Catit water fountain family, providing fresh tasting, filtered water for your cat all day long. The Fresh & Clear stainless steel fountain is stylish and modern in design with its white base and steel top so will fit in nicely with any decor and in any room.

Like all of our Catit fountains, the Fresh & Clear stainless steel fountain circulates the water which will encourage your cat to drink more. The benefits of this can ensure proper kidney function and reduce the risk or any urinary diseases or other complications associated with dehydration. The stainless steel bowl top also has added health benefits for your pet as the metal material helps prevent bacteria from forming leaving fresh water.

The fountain can hold up to 2L of water, reducing the amount of times the fountain will need to be refilled and is dishwasher safe. The fountain also includes one premium dual action carbon replacement filter which helps to collect odours and debris from the water leaving clean water.

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