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Catit 2.0 Shorthair Grooming Kit

Catit 2.0 Shorthair Grooming Kit


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The Catit Shorthair Grooming Kit satisfies the specific needs of a shorthaired cat’s coat. The set contains all the brushes and tools for daily grooming: nylon slicker brush, metal slicker brush, rubber palm brush, fine grooming comb and curved nail clipper. The grooming tools are stored upright in a handy canister, which prevents the combs’ teeth from getting damaged. In addition, the canister’s lid was designed as a handy temporary storage container for loose cat hair, saving you many trips to the trashcan. Regular grooming reduces the amount of shedding in the house and strengthens the bond between you and your cat.

While shorthaired cats don’t require as much grooming as longhaired cats, they will certainly benefit from regular brushing sessions. Shorthaired cats also shed hair and will need their nails clipped, and they can also suffer from hairballs or mats if their coat isn’t kept in pristine condition.

Most common shorthaired cat breeds:

British Shorthair, Exotic, Siamese, Russian Blue, Selkirk Rex (shorthair), Scottish Fold. If you aren’t certain whether you have a longhaired/medium-haired or shorthaired cat, ask your veterinarian.

Box Contains:
  • Fine Grooming Comb
  • Metal Slicker Brush
  • Nylon Slicker Brush
  • Rubber Palm Brush
  • Curved Nail Clipper
  • Handy Storage Container
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