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Glo T8 20W Double Bulb Electronic Ballast

Glo T8 20W Double Bulb Electronic Ballast


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The GLO T8, 20 W Double-Bulb Electronic Ballast Fluorescent Lighting System provides flexible lighting solutions for aquarium cabinets, multiple aquarium setups on store racking, shop set-ups and custom installations.

This convenient, practical, well-equipped, aesthetically-designed lighting system includes everything you need to make your installation simple and adaptable to most applications:
- Electronic ballast technology for low-heat, high-energy efficiency
- Easy-mount ballast housing
- Ample electrical wiring for series placement of bulbs in multiple aquarium rack-type set-ups
- Water resistant end caps
- Adapters and bulb clips for T8, T10, T12 applications
- Illuminated On/Off switch

The lighting system is easy to install: simply mount the ballast and bulb clip holders to a solid surface and attach the water resistant bulb end caps to the bulb and you are ready to light up your aquarium installation. Bulb size: 61 cm (24 in)
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