Ferplast Hercules Hi-tech nylon dog harness - Black (S/M/L/XL)

Ferplast Hercules Hi-tech nylon dog harness - Black (S/M/L/XL)



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Practicality, sturdiness and comfort all in a single product! We're proud to present Hercules, the ergonomic dog harness made from ultra-tough and scratch-resistant materials, complete with soft padding in every part that comes into contact with your dog's body - especially the under-belly area!

The comfortable padded handle guarantees a firm grip and excellent control of your pet. In the larger models, the handle can be lowered and blocked by special press studs, thus adhering more closely to the harness and taking up less space.

The Hercules harness is safe for your pet, thanks to the plastic buckle fastener, and it has reflective strips on it to guarantee visibility even when outdoor lighting is poor, making it ideal for walks in the evening or at night.

All the models are equipped with Velcro inserts making it possible to attach logos or personalised emblems that can also be hidden when not used. A handy elastic loop on the side makes it possible to insert useful objects, such as a torch. Therefore this is the perfect accessory for walks in the mountains and for sport activities like trekking and jogging in the company of your most faithful friend!

Lastly, they fit your pet perfectly as they adapt easily to his or her body. For larger dogs (L and XL) models, the innovative Quick Fit micro-adjustment system is included, with elastic making it possible to adjust the harness on your dog's back easily and quickly. The special ergonomic design ensures that the pulling load is distributed in a balanced way over your dog's chest, without affecting his or her neck or creating any discomfort.

Thanks to their super high-tech features, Hercules harnesses are ideal for working dogs, like rescue dogs, dogs that rescue in water, those involved in pet therapy, and all the situations that require greater control of the dog.

The range of products comes in 3 evergreen colours - black, blue and red, and different sizes to choose from based on your needs.

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