Fluval Flex LED Nano 57L with Stand in Black - includes Premium Heater and Filter Intake Screen



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Fluval Flex LED Nano 57L Tank

The all-new Flex nano aquarium series provides contemporary styling with its distinctive curved front. The tank is equipped with powerful 3-stage filtration and an infrared remote control that allows you to select between several colours and special effects. Flex aquariums are the perfect option for any fishkeeper with its unique design and fantastic features. 57 litres size, with included cabinet and a Fluval M Series 50W premium heater.

Brilliant Illumination Fluval Flex comes with a Flex pad remote control which conveniently controls a wide range of colours as well as fun special effects including faded cloud cover and lightning bolts, allowing you to customise your aquatic universe according to your mood! Multi-Stage Filtration Flex features a separate rear compartment camouflaged by a honeycomb print to house its multi-stage filtration for optimal water clarity.

The Fluval Flex 57L Aquarium stand comes in a co-ordinating, stylish black colour and its curved design mirrors the curve from the aquarium shape. The Fluval Flex stand features a integrated shelf, perfect for storage or displaying decorations.

Created for the Fluval Flex 57L Aquarium.

Fluval M Series Premium Heater

The Fluval M Series Premium Aquarium Heaters are quality manufactured in Europe using superior components and construction. Sleek and compact, the submersible heaters provide exceptional performance and unsurpassed reliability. Fluval M Series heaters include an exclusive mirror technology that reflects the colours of the aquarium and enhances overall aesthetics.

The M50 is a 50-watt heater that is ideal for 50 L (15 U.S. gal) aquariums and can be used in Fluval Flex, Fluval Evo, fresh and saltwater tanks.

Fluval Filter Intake Screen

Prevents small fish being caught in the filter.

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