Fluval Spec Aquarium 60L Black



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The SPEC, 60 L aquarium is equipped with efficient 3-stage filtration, but is set apart by a powerful 7500 K high-output LED that is seamlessly integrated into a new cleverly designed canopy, making it the brightest member of the SPEC family in more ways than one!

Brilliant Illumination

Fluval Spec comes with a convenient touch-start day & night illumination. Powerful and energy-efficient LEDs for optimal plant growth and fish colour. The LED comes complete with a sleek, all-aluminium, waterproof casing.

Multi-Stage Filtration

Flex features a separate rear compartment camouflaged by a honeycomb print to house its multi-stage filtration for optimal water clarity.


Flex comes compact with several great features including its easy feed large cut out opening for simple feeding. Its multi-directional dual output nozzles mean the tank water flow can be adjusted to depending on your tank setup.

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