Komodo Advanced Leopard Gecko Kit

Komodo Advanced Leopard Gecko Kit



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Leopard Gecko's are a favourable choice for anyone looking to develop their
knowledge in Lizard Keeping, these attractive creatures are very placid and
with regular gentle handling make a wonderfully rewarding pet for any home.
Leopard Gecko's are nocturnal, ground dwelling animals and require minimal
maintenance, making them a popular choice amongst beginners in the reptile
keeping world.

The contents of these starter kits have been carefully considered by experts
in Herptile care and contain all the essentials you will need to provide an
enriching and functional environment for your Leopard Gecko.

60 x 30 x 45cm

Kit Includes:
Thermometer x2
Lighting Dome
Heat Mat
CaCO Desert Terrain Substrate
Leopard Gecko IDP
Spot Bulb
A comprehensive set up guide

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