Komodo Advanced Tortoise Kit **COLLECTION ONLY**

Komodo Advanced Tortoise Kit **COLLECTION ONLY**



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Even people who don’t like reptiles seem to love tortoises. Perhaps that’s why they’re such a popular reptile pet. Among the most long living creatures on earth they are surprisingly active and like people, develop their own personality - some keepers will swear that their tortoise recognises them. For families willing to make that lifetime commitment, a tortoise can make an interesting and amusing pet. This Advanced Enclosure Kit is ideal for tortoises up to 200mm shell length.

Size - 100x45x50cm

Kit includes:
Terrarium Bark
Thermometers x 2
Lighting Dome
Spot Bulb
Tropical Terrain
Water/Food Dish x 2
Heat Mat
CaCo3 Desert Terrain
UVB Tube T8 Fluorescent Lighting Controller
Complete Tortoise FoodPremium Tortoise Dusting Powder

Care sheet For more information on Tortoises visit our dedicated reptile page.

The contents of this advanced kit has been carefully considered by experts in herptile care and contain all the essentials required to provide an enriching and functional environment for your Tortoise.

NOTE: Contents may vary and example image shows additional decor that can be purchased separately.

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