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Laguna All Season Pond Sticks 120g 600g 1.2kg

Laguna All Season Pond Sticks 120g 600g 1.2kg


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• Contains mealworm, a healthy and sustainable alternative to fishmeal
• Rich in Mycoprotein
• Unique composition for delicious, easily digestible food
• Suitable for all-season feeding
• Available in 120g, 600g & 1.2kg

Laguna All Season Pond Sticks contain mealworm as a key protein source, which is closer to a fish's natural diet than fishmeal more commonly used in other brands, as well as being highly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The Laguna Pond Sticks also contain Mycoprotein (a ‘superfood’ ingredient commonly used in human meat-free foods) which is a nutrient dense meat alternative packed with protein and fibre.

The unique composition results in an easily digestible food suitable for feeding throughout the year to promote premium health, nutrition and vitality.

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