Marina 360 Aquarium 10L with Remote Controlled LED Lights - Tropical



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This uniquely designed aquarium enhances any home or office space and it’s now better than ever with remote control LED lighting!

The 360’s beautiful atmospheric light system replicates nature in a fittingly eco-friendly way. With energy-efficiency and durability in mind, the integrated LED not only requires less energy to run, but also less work to maintain as the system is designed to last a lifetime. The new remote control makes it a perfect fit for hobbyists looking to quickly and easily bring a custom look to their aquarium.

Pre-set red, green, blue and white colour options help to create a variety of fun and dramatic moods.

Includes the Marina Compact Heater C10 10W, which is a submersible heater with a pre-set temperature of 26 degrees celsius, so you can add tropical fish to the aquarium.

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