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For the ultimate combination of power and performance, Laguna has combined the industry-leading Laguna Max Flo Solids Handling Waterfall & Filter Pump and the extremely hard-working and effective Pressure Flo Pond Filter System to create the Clear Flo Pond Kit.
This powerful water gardening duo ensures continuous and efficient water circulation and stunning water clarity in the pond, with each item featuring the patented Click-Fit coupling design that allows you to make quick and secure attachments by a simple clicking action.
The new Clear Flo range features a powerful UVC bulb which clears green water fast and effectively!

• Fast, simple but highly effective pond filtration system
• Efficient and powerful UVC bulb for superior water-quality

PT1845 Laguna Clear Flo 4000
• Max Flo Pump: 2200
• Pressure Flo: 4000L
• UVC Power: 13W

PT1846 Laguna Clear Flo 7500
• Max Flo Pump: 5000
• Pressure Flo Filter: 7500L
• UVC Power: 13W

PT1847 Laguna Clear Flo 13500
• Max Flo Pump : 7600
• Pressure Flo Filter : 13500L
• UVC Power: 24W

PT1848 Laguna Clear Flo 17000
• Max Flo Pump : 11000
• Pressure Flo Filter: 17000L
• UVC Power: 24W

PT1849 Laguna Clear Flo 21000
• Max Flo Pump : 16500
• Pressure Flo Filter: 21000L
• UVC Power: 36W


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