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The Laguna Pressure Flo pressurized pond filter provides important water filtration functions that are essential for everyday pond maintenance: mechanical and biological filtration, as well as UVC clarification.

The Laguna Pressure Flo features a revolutionary patented Easy Clean Backwash-Cleaning System that easily cleans the soiled surfaces of the foam filters. This patented system is the only one of its kind.

Backwash cleaning can easily and comfortably be completed in a few minutes without opening the lid. This feature ensures that the filter performs at optimal levels for extended periods and prolongs the time between full maintenance sessions.

The unit can be installed in or above ground.

• Fast, simple but highly effective pond filtration system
• Efficient and powerful UVC bulb for superior water-quality

PT1810 Laguna Pressure Flo 4000
• Ponds up to: 4000L
• UVC Power: 13W

PT1811 Laguna Pressure Flo 7500
• Ponds up to: 7500L
• UVC Power: 13W

PT1812 Laguna Pressure Flo 13500
• Ponds up to: 13500L
• UVC Power: 24W

PT1813 Laguna Pressure Flo 17000
• Ponds up to: 17000L
• UVC Power: 24W

PT1814 Laguna Pressure Flo 21000
• Ponds up to: 21000L
• UVC Power: 36W


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