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Oase AquaOxy 500 Outdoor Pond Air Pump

Oase AquaOxy 500 Outdoor Pond Air Pump


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- Up to 500 litres of air per hour
- Suitable for ponds up to 5m³
- Simple and convenient operation
- Flexible location thanks to long hose length
- Suitable for outdoor use
- Extremely quiet operation
- Energy-efficient operation
- Robust motor and high-quality UV-stabilised housing
- Includes spare set of replacement diaphragms

The AquaOxy range of pond air pumps from Oase is representative of a pond aeration concept that ensures the perfect environment for your garden pond inhabitants.

The Oase AquaOxy 500 supplies up to 500 litres per hour of vital aeration to your pond and comes supplied as a complete set up, comprising of 2 air stones, 2 x 5m lengths of air line and a replacement set of diaphragms. Suitable for ponds up to 5,000 litres the AquaOxy 500 is energy efficient and features special reduced noise motor technology packed into a robust high quality UV-stabilised housing making it suitable for safe outdoor use.

The AquaOxy CWS air pumps are optimally matched to the OxyTex pond aerator for improved pond and filtration performance.
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