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Propagator Heat Cables 50W - 7 metre and Electronic Thermostat

Propagator Heat Cables 50W - 7 metre and Electronic Thermostat


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Heat Cable
  • Cables manufactured from flexible silicon.
  • Warms by about 8-12C.
  • Many applications: Seed propagation, Incubators or Vivariums.
  • Connected to 1.5m mains cable.
  • Use on outside water pipes to prevent freezing.

Suitable for a variety of uses including soil heating in propagators; incubators; vivarium or terrarium heating. The cables are moisture and spash proof and have a 1.5m length of mains cable attached. As an approximate guide this cable will heat and area of 400 x 400mm (1.3ft x1.3ft). The actual heat cable is very flexible and can be easily laid to suit your requirements. When used in propagators these cables have shown to create rapid germination and faster growth of seeds and seedlings. In vivariums and incubators they ensure the ambient temperature is not too low. Many more uses including preventing outside water pipes from freezing.

Rated at 50W, heat cable length 7m, mains cable 1.5m.

Electronic Thermostat
  • Adjustable heat range 20C - 36C
  • Remote temperature probe
  • Clips on side of Vivarium
  • LED on / off indicators
  • Electronic switches up to 800W

Adjustable electronic thermostat with remote probe that can be placed inside vivarium, terrarium, to exactly control temperature. Suitable for bulbs, ceramic heaters, heat mats, heat cables. Has socket for connecting heat source, and will control up to 800W. Electronic switching eliminates mains pulses for longer heat mat, bulb or heater life. Green LED shows power on, red LED shows heat source is on. Adjustable from 20C to 36C. Easy to use, just plug heat source to thermostat, and thermostat to the mains power.
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