Reptile Mini Tall Glass Terrarium / Vivarium - 30x30x45cm / 12"x12"x18"



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Our Mini Tall Glass Terrarium is perfect for reptile or amphibian housing in a stylish black finish. With dual, front-opening doors access for feeding and maintenance is easy! To prevent escape, you can lock the doors (lock is sold separately / not included). There are 4 top latches to secure the top cover, and the top of the terrarium is completely removable, allowing easy access to add decorations or for cleaning. The bottom of the terrarium is waterproof up-to 90mm depth, and the legs raise the terrarium off the floor to allow placement of heat mats below the terrarium.

The terrarium has a natural air-flow system, a waterproof base and is easy to clean. There are 4 cable access points which can be closed when not in use.

Size: 45cm High, 30 x 30cm Length and Width

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