Reptile Vivarium Professional Digital Day / Night Thermostat + with Timer



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Professional Thermostat to control temperature with separate day and night sockets. This enables the use of different types of heaters for day and night, ie infra red bulb during the day and ceramic heater at night. The day temperature can be set to one level, and the night temperature to another. There is also a timed output which is independent of temperature which can be used to control a light or similar. These units have a LCD control panel with memory back up battery, output block and remote temperature probe.

The 3 outputs are controlled as follows:

A - Temperature controlled by remote probe. Day setting. Optional timer.

B - Temperature controlled by remote probe. Night setting. Optional timer.

C - Timed Control independent of temperature.

Temperature differential settings of 1C to 15C (ie on at 29C, off at 31C upto on at 22C, off at 38C). Can be used to control heating or cooling. Also has upto 4 on/off settings over a 24hr period. Use for heaters.

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