Reptile Automatic Mist / Rain Maker System



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Complete rainmaker system for use in vivariums. Creates a highly powerful mist in 3 spray nozzles, which can be postioned at specific places in the vivarium. Each spray nozzle has 2 suction cups to ensure strong fixing to vivarium glass.In addition a dripping valve is supplied that can be used for watering the plants inside the vivarium. Often plants will not get enough water simply by spraying. The spray nozzles and drip valve are connected together using clear plastic pipe with filter to a powerful low voltage pump, delivering 90 l/hr at up to 5 bar pressure. The water source can be external or internal to the vivarium. The spray nozzles have an angle of 50 degrees and can be pointed in any direction. The pump and water tank is placed outside of the vivarium. Ideal to use with a hygrostat to ensure constant humidity levels.

Comes with Low voltage mains adaptor, 5m of clear water pipe, pipe end cap, 3 spray bars, dripper, water filter, powerful water pump, water container.

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