AquaForte is a well-regarded company specializing in products for the construction and maintenance of ponds and swimming ponds. They offer a wide range of innovative and reliable products, including various types of pond pumps, filters, UV-C units, aeration pumps, and water treatment solutions. Their focus is on energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and easy-to-install products that ensure high water quality and clarity for all types of ponds, from koi ponds to natural swimming pools​ (AquaForte Pond Products)​​ (AquaForte Pond Products)​.

AquaForte is known for continuously seeking innovations in the pond market and developing proprietary products to maintain a comprehensive and high-quality product line. This includes items like bead filters, drum filters, pressure filters, and sieve filters, as well as accessories for pond installation such as skimmers, bottom drains, and flexible fittings​ (AquaForte Pond Products)​​ (AquaForte Pond Products)​.

Another branch of AquaForte, based in Italy, focuses on combining high-quality materials with cutting-edge technology to produce products like washbasins, bathtubs, and shower trays made from materials like Solid® and Mineralmarmo®. These products are characterized by their customizability, sustainability, and innovative design​ (Aquaforte)​.

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