Aquarian Goldfish & Coldwater Flake Food - 200g

Aquarian Goldfish & Coldwater Flake Food - 200g


- Made with a nutrient-rich blend to provide goldfish and fancy goldfish with a complete and balanced diet
- High in vitamins C & E to support a healthy immune system and includes high quality protein sources to help support optimal growth
- Active, bright and healthy
- Scientifically proven to help you have healthy and lively fish
- For all common and fancy varieties of goldfish including Shubunkind, Lionheads, and Fantails.
- Also suitable for small pond fish

Feed twice a day the amount of food your fish will consume within five minutes.

Protein 34%, Oil 11,6, Ash 11,2%, Fibre 0,6%, Vitamin A 9386 IU/kg, Vitamin 938,6 IU/kg, Vitamin E 82,13 mg, Vitamin C 457,57 mg

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