Vesper Treehouse Large

Vesper Treehouse Large

- Extra thick sisal scratching post
- Wooden branches to which you can attach toys
- Easy to clean
- Relaxing hammock perch
- 5-level cat activity tree with ultimate scratching post.
- WxDxH 72 x 57.5 x 163 cm

Cat activity tree with thick scratching post

Nature-inspired cat furniture with elegant wooden branches

The Catit VesperTM Treehouse is a modern, nature-inspired playground for adventurous cats and kittens. At the heart sits our sturdy tree trunk, a thick, natural scratching post, accessible on all sides from stable lounging platforms. The furniture’s elegant wooden poles make up the tree branches, suspending your cat’s comfy fabric hideaway and hammock perch. Dressing the branches with a variety of toys is a great way to enrich your cat’s playtime.

Cat trees don't have to take up your entire living room to be great. The Catit VesperTM Treehouse doesn't have any bulk to it, just a single scratching post supported by slim wooden branches in warm, natural hues.
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