We dont actually sell Fish, But we do sell Chips 😉

We dont actually sell Fish, But we do sell Chips 😉

 Komodo's Beech Chips offer a versatile flooring solution for most reptiles including snakes, lizards or tortoises. Ideal for use with reptiles requiring an arid environment, beech chips can also be used with reptiles needing a semi-humid environment.

Please note, when using Komodo Beech Chips with under floor heating, care must be taken to ensure no more than a 2cm layer is placed on top of the heater. Beech Chips are an excellent insulator, however using a layer of chips over the recommended depth can quickly cause thermal blocking which can lead to high temperatures and potentially cause a hazardous situation.

Used by keepers worldwide, Beech Chips are sourced from sustainable forests and kiln dried and are available in coarse or fine.

Options: 6L, 12L or 15kg

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