Will PISCES be the new LAGUNA?

Will PISCES be the new LAGUNA?

The "Pisces" brand at Aquatix-2u offers a wide range of products designed for pond and aquarium maintenance. Here are some of the key products and their features:

  1. UV Bulbs and Tubes: Pisces provides a variety of UV bulbs and tubes, including PLS bulbs ranging from 5W to 13W, and specific 4-pin UV tubes for Laguna Pressure Flo filters. These are essential for maintaining clear water by clumping algae for easy filtration. Regular replacement is recommended for optimal performance.​                                                          So im hearing you ask, "Will these bulbs and tube fit in my LAGUNA filter?"   

    Yes, Pisces offers replacement UV bulbs that are compatible with Laguna filters. Here are some specifics:

    1. Pisces 4 Pin UV UVC Tubes: These bulbs are designed to fit various Laguna Pressure Flo Filters. The tubes are high-quality replacements, ensuring the UV lamp inside the filter or UVC clarifier is replaced regularly to maintain the pond's clarity and health. These tubes come in different wattages, such as 11W, 20W, and 25W, catering to different Laguna filter models​.

    2. Pisces PLS UV Bulbs: These bulbs are compatible with most top-brand pond filters and UV units, including Laguna. They come in wattages ranging from 5W to 13W. Regular replacement is recommended every 6-12 months for optimal performance​.

    These replacement bulbs help ensure your pond filtration system continues to function effectively by maintaining the UV clarity needed to control algae and other impurities in the water and they are a fraction of the price.

  2. Pisces Automatic Koi Pond Fish Feeder: This feeder is weather-resistant and designed for year-round use. It features an LCD screen that allows you to set a programmable feeding schedule for up to 90 days, dispensing food up to four times a day. The feeder has a 3.8L food capacity and can be mounted or placed at the side of the pond with a chute to ensure food falls directly into the water. It requires four C batteries and includes a low battery indicator for convenience​. 

  3. Pisces Fish Feeder Timer: This digital timer can be set in 1-second increments for accurate feeding amounts and can program up to eight feeds a day. It plugs into a UK wall socket and is compatible with various Pisces and Cloverleaf fish feeders. This timer helps ensure precise and controlled feeding schedules​.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  These feeders provide a reliable solution to ensure your fish are well-fed even in your absence, contributing to their health and vitality by preventing overfeeding and ensuring regular meal times​. PISCES                                                                                                            

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