Meow, meow and meow (Hi Hums and cats) Look at this new bit of kit, whats not to like...
- Compact on the outside, roomy on the inside
- Top opening gives cats the privacy they desire
- Anti-tracking lid keeps litter inside the box where it belongs
- Leak-proof design makes it simple to use and clean for both you and your cat
- Matching PIXI Litter Scoop hangs on the back for optimal convenience
- Fits into any home décor
- PIXI’s nose is both cute and functional, letting you conveniently open the lid

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 47.5 x 41 x 52cm
Opening/ Entrance hole: 23cm

The new Catit PIXI Top Entry Litter Box is the perfect litter box, designed to prevent cat litter from ending up on the floor while keeping your cat happy and comfy. This charming top-entry litter box is easy for cats to access and puts a stop to litter tracking. It is compact on the outside while being roomy on the inside, ensuring comfort for both you and your cat.
Its seamless, high-edged design is guaranteed to be fully leak and spray-proof, and offers unparalleled convenience when combined with the anti-tracking lid. Easy to use and clean!
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