The All New Fluval FX2

The All New Fluval FX2

Hi all, let me tell you about the all-new Fluval FX2 Filter, it packs a high-level FX performance into the series' most space-saving and affordable design to date. Designed for an aquarium capacity of 750L, the FX2 is equipped with all the FX series' features you know and love, such as its basket-in-basket media tray design allowing for greater media capacity, flexibility, and thorough cleaning. As with all Fluval filters, water flows through each media stage in proper order to ensure thorough cleaning. This process is more efficient and effective than standard filters, which force water through all stages in one pass. The FX2 Filter includes all filter media - mechanical, chemical and biological.
Its patented Smart Pump™ Technology is self-priming, activating mere seconds after contact with water. It continually monitors the pump, impeller speed and force to ensure maximum efficiency, and systematically shuts off every 12 hours to allow trapped air to escape.
With a plethora of special features, such as its leak-free Aquastop click-fit valves, its twin output nozzles for customised water currents, and its rubber feet that reduce vibration and noise, the Fluval FX2 Canister Filter is designed for fishkeepers to spend more time enjoying their aquarium, and less time maintaining it.

If you already have one let us what you think?


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