Fluval 05 External Filter

Fluval 05 Series Parts

# Description 105 205 305 405
A Rubber Feet A20121 A20121 A20121 A20121
B Motor Head A20180 A20185 A20190 A20195
C Foam Screen Frame A20117 A20137 A20137 A20177
D Media Basket A20045 A20045 A20070 A20070
E Media Basket Tray A20047 A20047 - -
F Media Basket Cover A20042 A20042 A20067 A20067
G Gasket A20038 A20038 A20063 A20063
I AquaStop Valve A20060 A20060 A20060 A20060
J Intake Strainer with check ball A20007 A20007 A20008 A20008
K Intake Stem A20003 A20003 A20004 A20004
L Suction Cup (40mm) with clip A15520 A15520 A15520 A15520
M Aquarium Rim Connector A20026 A20026 A20026 A20026
N Suction Cup (30mm) A15041 A15041 A15041 A15041
O Output Nozzle A20001 A20001 A20001 A20001
P Ribbed Hosing A20014 A20014 A20015 A20015
P Hose-Lock Nuts A20058 A20058 A20058 A20058
R Rubber Hose Connector A20016 A20016 A20017 A20017
T Instant-Prime Assembly A20020 A20020 A20020 A20020
U Filter Canister A20182 A20187 A20192 A20197
V1, V2 Ceramic Impeller Shaft & Rubber Bushing A20041 A20041 A20066 A20066
W Magnetic Impeller A20111 A20111 A20152 A20172
X Impeller Cover A20116 A20136 A20156 A20156
Y Impeller Well Insert - - A20174 A20174
Z Ceramic Shaft Tool A17015 A17015 - -
- Fluval Service Kit 105SK 205SK 305SK 405SK
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