Collection: Fluval Spec Spares

Fluval spec Spares

Fluval Spec - find the letter of the part you need from the diagram above and select the part number from corresponding letter from the full list below:

Item Part 10 litre 19 litre
Aquarium Black Complete 1 10515 10516
Aquarium White Complete 1 10517 10518
LED Light Unit 2 A14685 A14689
Pump 3 A14652 A14652
Foam Filter Block 4 A1376 A1376
Activated Carbon Insert 5 A1377 A1377
Biomax Insert 6 A1378 A1378
Impeller 7 A138 A138
Transformer - Early 8 N/A
Transformer - Late 8 A14691 A14691
Top Cover 9 A14657 A14658
Output Nozzle 10 A14654 A14654
Instructions -
Note: If a part number is not clickable then it is no longer available.
* Denotes coming soon.