PondoMatic Spares

Pontec PondoMatic Spares

Pontec PondoMatic Vacuum Parts Diagram - find the letter of the part you need from the diagram above and select the part number from corresponding letter from the full list below. Click on the part number to go to product page:

# Item Part
1 Handle 28062
2 Filter foam PondoVac Classic 44004
3 Intake hose PondoVac Classic 44007
4 Clamp PondoMatic 28063
5 Outlet hose PondoVac Classic 44008
6 Engage plate PondoVac Classic 44001
7 Universal nozzle PondoVac 90mm 44010
8 Nozzle set Classic 47013
9 Suction pipe PondoVac black 44000
Note: If a part number is not clickable then it is no longer available.
* Denotes coming soon.