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Catit Dried Catnip Pouches

Catit Dried Catnip Pouches


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• Excites and stimulates cats to play
• Helps to relieve stress and anxiety in cats
• Tool to train your cat to play/scratch in places you want them to
• Can be applied on any toy or surface
• 14g 28g or 56g

Each pouch of Catit Dried Catnip is filled with pure, dried catnip leaves and flowers of Canadian quality. Rub a pinch of catnip between your fingers to release the enticing aroma. Next, insert the herbs into Catit toys or sprinkle them in places where you wish to encourage your cat to play! Keep the packaging closed to preserve freshness.
Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a natural herb that attracts and stimulates cats, causing active, playful behaviours and overt signs of happiness and relaxation.
About 65% of cats respond to catnip, the degree of sensitivity varying between individuals. If your cat likes catnip, they will start showing it when they are a couple of months old.
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