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LCD Digital Thermometer + Humidity with 3 remote probes Bulk Buy x12

LCD Digital Thermometer + Humidity with 3 remote probes Bulk Buy x12


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LCD thermometer and hygrometer (humidity) gauge with 3 remote probes - 2 for temperature and one for humidity. The unit also records maximum and minimum values for each probe. Each probe lead is 1.9m (75") long. Includes high / low temperature and humidity alarm; date and time function with alarm and weather and moon phase display. Uses 4 windows to show: Weather: Symbols for Sunny, Cloudy or Rain. Date: Shows date, month, day, or time (12hr or 24hr) and day. Also used to set Alarm function. Temperature: Switchable to shows temperature at probe 1 or temperature at probe 2 (-50C to +70C). Humidity: Shows humidity 20% to 90% at remote probe. Moon phases shows symbols for New, 1st quarter, Full and Last quarter. Max/Min button allows you to switch from current temperature / humidity to maximum or minimum recorded values. Low and High temperature and humidity settings allow you to set the alarm to sound if these values go above or below the set values. In addition either low or high will flash in the temperature or humidity windows. Alarm time function can be set as wake up alarm or as hourly chime function. Uses a 1.5V AA battery which is supplied, and can be mounted on a flat surface using the screw slot on the rear, or will stand on a flat surface using the fold out support. Also has a probe to measure remote temperatures.

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