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Fluval EasyVac Small Aquarium Gravel Cleaner 25cm (10")

Fluval EasyVac Small Aquarium Gravel Cleaner 25cm (10")


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With its narrow design, Fluval EasyVac makes cleaning those hard-to-reach areas a breeze. Quick-Start priming offers fast and easy start-ups, while an integrated gravel guard prevents clogging. Within this model you also find non-kink hosing and a special 2-in-1 bucket clip that provides secure attachment as well as a convenient water flow adjustment.

Key Features :

Quick Start Priming - a simple shaking motion while submersed engages the cleaner
Gravel guard prevents clogging
Oval tube design is ideal for cleaning heard-to-reach areas with ease
2-in-1 bucket clip ensure secure hosing attachment and offers 3 water flow settings (OPEN for maximum water output; REDUCED for detailed cleaning; CLOSED for temporarily pausing flow).
Non-kink hose for continuous water flow
Recommended for all substrates
For use in fresh and salt water aquariums
Included :

10 in (25 cm) oval tube
6 ft (1.8 m) hose
Non-kink hose attachment
2-in-1 bucket clip
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