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Oase Quartz Sleeve O-Ring SH50 (42 x 5mm)

Oase Quartz Sleeve O-Ring SH50 (42 x 5mm)


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The Oase Quartz Sleeve O-Ring is a genuine replacement part for the Oase range of pond filters and UVC's.

The Quartz Sleeve O-Ring is suitable for the following Oase models:

Oase Bitron 18C UVC
Oase Bitron 24C UVC
Oase Bitron 36C UVC
Oase Bitron 55C UVC
Oase Bitron 550 LM UVC
Oase FiltoMatic 6000
Oase FiltoMatic 12000
Oase FiltoMatic 14000
Oase FiltoMatic 25000
Oase FiltoClear 5000
Oase FiltoClear 13000
Oase FiltoClear 19000
Oase FiltoClear 31000
Oase FiltoClear 12000
Oase FiltoClear 16000
Oase FiltoClear 20000
Oase FiltoClear 30000

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