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Digital Day / Night Thermostat with Timer

Digital Day / Night Thermostat with Timer


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Professional Thermostat and Hygrostat to control temperature, with different day / night settings. These units have a LCD control panel with memory back up battery, output block and remote temperature probe.

The 2 outputs are controlled as follows:

A - Temperature controlled by remote probe. Day and night setting; temperature differential setting of 1C to 15C (ie on at 29C, off at 31C upto on at 22C, off at 38C). Can be used to control heating or cooling. Also has upto 4 on/off settings over a 24hr period. Use for heaters or coolers where day temperature and night temperature are different.
B - Output controlled by upto 4 on/off settings over a 24hr period. Use to switch day only lights on, or night time moonglow lights.


Temperature Range: -20C to 50C
Day and Night Temperature settings
Accuracy: +/-1C
Temperature Control Range: 0 to 50C
Temperature Differential Range: 1 to 15C
Timer Control: Upto 4 on/off periods every 24Hrs
Controls either Heating or Cooling
Memory protected by back up battery
Max 600W per output
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