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Exo Terra

Turtle Clean Biological Turtle Habitat Cleaner - 120 ml

Turtle Clean Biological Turtle Habitat Cleaner - 120 ml


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Exo Terra® Turtle Clean is a 100% biological turtle habitat cleaner that when used on a weekly basis helps control odours and break down solid organic waste.

Exo Terra® Turtle Clean helps eliminate organic waste in turtle habitats. This powerful biological formula efficiently reduces solid turtle waste and leftovers that are a natural result of turtle feeding.

Exo Terra® Turtle Clean helps improve filtration efficiency and is effective at controlling odours. Exo Terra® Turtle Clean will establish the right beneficial biological flora to ensure significant organic waste breakdown occurs, when used at the recommended weekly dose.

Exo Terra Turtle Clean is essential to provide your turtle with clean water conditions, but equally important is the use of a water conditioner to detoxify tap water before using it for your pet turtle.
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