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Fluval U have become the world's most popular underwater filters having sold over 1.4 million units globally and are renowned for their performance and reliability. Fluval U filter offers the perfect solutions for aquarium set ups when external filtration is not possible and give creative possibilities for water movement and crucial aeration while providing complete and efficient 3-stage filtration. Fluval believe that no product is perfect though and from analysing customer reviews have identified four key areas for development.

  • 1. Impeller cleaning made to be more intuitive-
    To raise awareness on the importance of cleaning your filter's impeller, a hanging tag has been added to clearly show where the impeller is and to remind Fluval U users to remove and clean it before use to reduce the amount of unnecessary product returns.
  • 2. Improved media offering
    The Biological cartridge has been re-purposed as a bio-chemical cartridge to be used and house the new Clean & Clear cartridge. Clean & Clear is packed with special high performance resins, proven to reduce phosphate and nitrate while preventing the spread of algae, providing you with a cleaner, clearer aquarium and healthier fish for longer intervals. Clean & Clear can also be used in U1 filters with specially designed foam cut out section.
  • 3. Re-designed media container
    The re-designed media cartridge can hold up to 10 times more debris than before and significantly reduces the volume of debris that escapes when the cartridge is removed.
    4. Easy Motor Access and lead removal
    The majority of power clips have now been removed to allow easy motor removal while the motor has been redesigned in a blue finish to make it clearer to users that may be removed.

The U4 is suitable for aquariums from 130 to 240 L (36 to 65 U.S. gal.).

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