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Catit PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container

Catit PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container


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• Keeps dry cat food fresher and crispier for much longer than conventional food storage containers
• Automatically restores vacuum as needed for optimal storage conditions
• Aesthetic kitty ears double as a soft carrying handle to lift the container
• Can hold up to 9.3L of food (up to 5.5kg of kibble)
• Includes a matching food scoop that attaches to the side of the container for later use
• Rechargeable battery via included USB-C cable

The Catit PIXI Auto Vacuum Food Container uses cutting-edge smart technology to keep your cat's dry food fresh and crispy for much longer than traditional cat food storage containers. With just a push of a button, the mechanism built into the top lid will remove all air from the food reservoir, creating an airtight lid to preserve the food and its aroma. This vacuum will be restored whenever necessary, for optimal storage conditions at all times.
This dry cat food container also includes a food scoop to make feeding time even easier, which can conveniently attach to the side of the container for future use. Additionally, the adorable pair of kitty ears on top of the container double as a cleverly integrated handle to lift it by - a cute Catit PIXI design trait.
This product joins the existing Catit PIXI range, and will perfectly integrate with other items in that range.
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