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Cloverleaf Bacterial Answer 1ltr

Cloverleaf Bacterial Answer 1ltr


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Bacteria are naturally occurring and are found in all pond and lake water.

Normally, in a clean healthy pond, the levels of bacteria are so low that they will not cause a problem. The outer slime coat or epidermis normally protects the fish from these harmful bacteria.

The most common reason koi experience a bacterial infection is when their slime coat or epidermal layer is broken and the bacteria is allowed to infect the koi. These sores can grow very quickly if they are not treated.

Cloverleaf Bacterial Answer is a general treatment for use against bacterial infections like ulcers and fin rot.

250ml Treats 6250 Litres (1375 Gal)

1 Litre Treats 25000 Litres (5500 Gal)

Remove cap from dosage chamber and remove foil seal.

Squeeze the bottle and fill with the required amount.

Add to a bucket of pond water and mix.

Distribute evenly across the pond

Use 10ml per 250litres (55gal) switch off ultra violet light for 10 days.

Do not repeat treatment for 10days.

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