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Exo Terra

Exo-Terra Anthurium Bush

Exo-Terra Anthurium Bush


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The Exo Terra anthurium bush rainforest terrarium plant is an exact replica of its natural counterparts and is easier to maintain. The green and red colours of the plant add some additional brightness to your set up and the Polynesian stone base makes it very durable for your terrarium.

The Exo Terra anthurium bush rainforest terrarium plant offers the same advantages as live plants whether the purpose is decorative, creating hiding spots or enlarging the dwelling area. The plants are easy to clean and simple to maintain. A combination of live plants and the Exo Terra terrarium plants is perfect so even in spaces where live plants won't thrive, there will be natural looking decorations.

Measures 15.24 cm length by 15.24 cm width by 30.48 cm height.
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