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Fluval Aquasky LED 2.0 Bluetooth App Controlled

Fluval Aquasky LED 2.0 Bluetooth App Controlled


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Upgrade your Aquarium Lighting to LED with Fluval’s NEW Bluetooth App-controlled Aquasky LED

Managing your aquarium lighting has just got easier as Fluval launches its latest generation of Bluetooth app controlled LED Aquasky. The new range of lighting has advanced in technology with many new high-tech features.

Advanced Bluetooth Controls

Along with the latest generation of Fluval LEDs comes the launch of FluvalSmart – a Bluetooth-enabled app that controls the light and all its built-in features directly from your mobile.
Downloadable for free in the App Store or Google Play, FluvalSmart provides full customisation over a wide range of features, including a programmable 24-hour light cycle, an adjustable spectrum with independent colour control, multiple weather effects and several pre-set light settings that reproduce popular tank setups and fish habitats from around the world!

Increased range

Fluval has increased its range of Aquasky sizes from 4 to 7, making it compatible with practically all aquariums. See table below for a full list of sizes.

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