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Fluval FX UVC In-Line Clarifier

Fluval FX UVC In-Line Clarifier


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• Fast and easy setup
• Helps maintain a clean & clear aquarium environment
• Eradicates suspended algae in water column
• Does not harm surface-dwelling beneficial bacteria
• Long life bulb lasts for up to 20 000 hours
• Includes adapters for compatibility with all canister filters

The FX UVC In-Line Clarifier quickly and easily connects to all canister filters to eliminate suspended algae for a clean and clear aquarium.
With unique CCFL technology, the FX UVC bulb runs cooler to last 2X longer than most traditional lamps. It attacks green and cloudy water by applying powerful, DNA-destroying light emissions at a precise 253 nanometre wavelength. This natural process is chemical-free and will not affect beneficial, surface-dwelling bacterial colonies that are already established. Say goodbye to cloudy and green water forever with the Fluval FX UVC Clarifier!

Replaceable Bulb

The FX UVC In-Line Clarifier is powered by a 6W CCFL bulb that can be quickly and easily replaced by removing 2 screws.
(Sold separately – A19990)

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