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Komodo Adjustable Rainfall System

Komodo Adjustable Rainfall System


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Simulates rain, increases humidity and allows reproduction of a tropical rainforest environment
Precise control of spray schedule, mist intensity and spray duration
Easy to install and refill with the pump & tank outside of the habitat
360 degrees spray nozzles can be multi-angled to cover a wide spraying range
Powerful built in pump provides 3 metre head

Komodo Reptile Adjustable Rainfall System
Giving your Reptiles a taste of the outdoors.
The Komodo Rainfall System is an easy adjustable and dependable system to stimulate rainfall and increase humidity in the habitat.

There are 3 distinct settings that give precise control to mimic a rainforest environment. The 10L base unit has an easy access outlet to allow you to top up the water. The unit comes with 2 high quality spray nozzles, however the unit can handle up to 8.
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