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Tetra pH Kit

Tetra pH Kit


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Tetra Aquarium & Pond pH Test

The pH level of your aquarium or Pond is one of the most important components. If it spikes or falls this can lead to fish stress, which can leave them susceptible to disease. This pH Test Kit will safely and reliably monitor the pH level, so you can act accordingly.

A pH value to 6.5 to 8.0 is ideal for most species of freshwater fish. So it's a good idea to check the pH level of your aquarium or pond both before and after adding tap water. The Tetra Test Kit has been designed to work quickly and accurately, for the best performance.

Use an appropriate aquarium buffer to regulate the pH level.

Test weekly to maintain the health of your tank or pond. This test kit contains enough for 50 tests.

Key Features:

1 x 10ml test reagent
Test vial
Colour Scale
How to Use:

Take a water sample from your aquarium or pond.
Add the liquid to the sample as directed.
When the sample changes colour, compare this to the colour indicator enclosed in the test kit.
This will determine the pH level of your aquarium or pond.
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