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Vivexotic Maxi Medium Cabinet Oak

Vivexotic Maxi Medium Cabinet Oak


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The Vivexotic Medium Cabinet is a high quality affordable addition to your vivexotic vivarium or deluxe table. The units attach seemlessly to the corresponding vivarium and provide additional height, stability and storage. Each unit includes 2 swinging front doors a bottom shelf and elevated shelf.

- 86 x 49 x 64.5cm
- Wood effect panels
- Perfectly matches the vivexotic vivarium range
- Locking screws for easy construction
- Great store solution
- Creates a freestanding enclosure

Vivexotic cabinets are flat packed on arrival and can be constructed with a single screw driver. The majority of the enclosure is held using locking screws meaning that the unit can be taken apart and put back together. We estimate that each unit may take 15-20 minutes to build if it's your first time.

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